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Automated decision systems exist in a broader context of organizations, people, and related technologies. The following is a map that defines key terms used in the AEKit and links the relationships between the various parts of automated decision systems.
Input Data:
Words, photos, sounds, videos, clicks, gestures, location data or other signals or commands that a technology responds to or makes a record of.
Technologies that collect, monitor, or curate information about people, behavior, or events in order to govern their behavior.
Recorded Data:
A piece of information stored in or accessed by a technology. Input data becomes recorded data if it is stored by a technology.
Organized collections of recorded data.
Automated Decision System:
Any computerized system or process that aims to automate, aid, or replace human decision-making.
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Created in collaboration with the Critical Platform Studies Group, the Tech Fairness Coalition, and the ACLU of Washington. It was initiated as a project at the Data Science for Social Good Summer Program run by the eScience Institute at the University of Washington. For a full list of our contributors, click here.

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