The ACLU Shows Its Pride!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A vocal contingent of ACLU of Washington supporters marched for LGBT rights at the 2013 Trans Pride and Seattle Pride celebrations.  On the heels of the US Supreme Court ruling that overturned the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), and a few months after the passage of marriage equality in our state, jubilation filled the air and supporters filled the streets at these events.

It started on a warm and sunny Friday evening with a lively celebration at the Trans Pride march from Seattle Central Community College to Cal Anderson Park, where members of and allies to the Trans community gathered for their first annual parade and celebration.  The ACLU-WA was there to show our solidarity and continued support of this community, to hand out educational materials such as our Transgender Rights publication, and to encourage people to sign our virtual thank you card for Edie Windsor, the ACLU plaintiff whose case struck down DOMA.  Individuals familiar with the case leaped at the chance, while others eagerly signed the card once they heard of her role in the triumph.

This was the 39th annual Pride march in Seattle, and we were especially proud to celebrate because of the vital roles the ACLU played in the victories for R-74 and against DOMA. Our group came equipped with a bullhorn, picket signs proclaiming our thanks to Edie, and a convertible featuring Lady Liberty and Justice posing as a married couple. The reception from the crowd was overwhelming and heart-warming, with hugs and high-fives from parade onlookers!  After the parade, we continued to meet with friendly faces at the festival and gathered many signatures on our thank you card to Edie. 

ACLU-WA supporters also marched in the Methow Valley PrideFest in Winthrop on Sunday.  It’s great to see communities around the state embracing the importance of Pride. 

This was my first Pride march, and to say that the experience was exceptional is an understatement. I was truly touched by the huge turnout, the crowd’s diversity, and the love and positive energy that was evident throughout the entire weekend.  Occasions like these remind me how far we’ve come toward equality and make me proud to be part of an organization that is committed to getting us all the way to full equality.

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