Martin Mendiola: Striving to Put Ethics into Action

Friday, January 15, 2016
Martin Mendiola is interning with the ACLU-WA Communications Department to apply what he’s learning in school. “What I’ve been studying is more theoretical,” said Martin, a philosophy major in his sophomore year at Seattle University. “What I expected [at the ACLU] was to get a little better sense of how ethics shows up in everyday life.”

He’s learned that implementing ethics can be complicated: “It’s been much more than just debating about what is justice.”

Martin is helping recruit volunteers for special events, which involves researching and using a range of online recruitment resources and managing inquiries. He’s also been researching cities and universities within key legislative districts to identify organizations to approach for events. Martin will end his time at the ACLU by organizing a volunteer training.

Martin dreams of using his communication skills to one day create a mediated forum where partisan groups can discuss controversial issues and find common ground.

When he was 13, Martin taught himself to play ukulele. He had already taken piano and guitar, but wanted something more portable and in line with his musical tastes. Martin admires the work of ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro, whose performances demonstrate the instrument’s range. “It’s not just repetitive chords; it’s like guitar—using all the different patterns.”