Calling Your Elected Representatives

In addition to writing to your elected representatives, you can also call them and let them know where you stand on the issues. You can contact your legislator free of charge by calling the Washington State Legislative Hotline at 1.800.562.6000; or to talk to members of Congress, call 202.224.3121. The operator will put you through to your elected official when you provide them with an address. Although it is unlikely that you will get to talk to your legislator directly, you will be able to communicate your displeasure (or pleasure) with their policy on a given issue. The member’s staff will take note of your concern and often convey it in some form to the legislator. If the legislator finds that his or her position is unpopular and untenable, your call may contribute to a change in policy.


STAFFER: Representative Anyguy’s office, how may I help you?

CALLER: Hi, my name is Jane Randomwoman from the representative’s district. My mother actually helped get Anyguy his votes at the Golden Acres Retirement Home during his first election, and I’ve been a long-time volunteer on his campaigns.

STAFFER: Thanks for your support. How can I help you today?

CALLER: Please tell the congressman to oppose the government-funded religion bill. I’ve talked to a number of voters in our community, and we all agree that we don’t want our tax money used to support religious activities.

STAFFER: I’ll definitely pass on the message.

CALLER: Please also let the congressman know that my synagogue members are worried that funds would be utilized to support activities that promote conversion to a particular faith.

STAFFER: Thanks for your concern and your call, Ms. Randomwoman. I’ll mention this to my supervisor.