State v. Conway

This court case is active

The ACLU of Washington joined an Amici Curiae brief in State v. Conway on August 30th, 2019. Karen Conway is a senior with disabilities who is intermittently homeless and relies on Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  Nine years ago, mandatory legal financial obligations (LFOs) were imposed on her for a Class C felony drug offense. Despite making payments for nine years, and complying with all other requirements of her sentence, Ms. Conway has only reduced the mandatory part of the LFOs by $9.04. The courts have refused to waive the mandatory LFOs despite strong evidence that Conway is unable to pay them and will remain trapped with debt. The refusal to waive or remit the LFOs is hindering Ms. Conway from being able to vacate her conviction, which would improve her chances at obtaining safe and affordable housing. The ACLU of Washington and the co-amici urge the Washington Supreme Court to grant review based on the important constitutional issues at stake and because LFOs create and perpetuate poverty for numerous individuals in Washington who are already struggling financially.