ACLU of Washington Applauds Appeals Court’s Refusal to Reinstate Muslim Travel Ban

News Release: 
Thursday, February 9, 2017
“We applaud the appeals court’s decision to leave in place the stay of the President’s Muslim travel ban.  The unconstitutional ban violates American values and has taken a great toll on innocent individuals. It has ripped apart families in Washington state and around the country,” said Emily Chiang, Legal Director of the ACLU of Washington. “Judicial review of actions by the executive branch is an essential part of our nation’s system to uphold the rule of law.”
The ACLU filed a friend of the court brief in support of the Attorney General’s suit, highlighting the great personal hardships the travel ban has caused on the lives of people from Washington state.
The ACLU of Washington is continuing to pursue a lawsuit filed on Tuesday challenging the travel ban on behalf of non-immigrant students and workers with lawful visas.  Also represented in the suit is the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia, whose efforts to fulfill its religious mission of serving refugees have been severely harmed by the ban.
“The President’s Order is causing severe and unnecessary hardships to the lives of people who have come to America to study, do research, or work. They came to Washington state lawfully and have already been subjected to rigorous screening and vetting by the U.S. before their entry,” said ACLU of Washington legal director Emily Chiang. “The President promised a Muslim Ban and that’s exactly what this is. Our Constitution forbids that type of singling out people who practice a particular religion,” added Chiang.