ACLU of Washington statement on data privacy bills before the Washington State Legislature during the 2022 session

News Release: 
Friday, March 11, 2022
OLYMPIA - For the fourth consecutive year, the ACLU of Washington and the Tech Equity Coalition successfully fought the adoption of weak privacy regulations in the Washington State Legislature, alongside privacy, consumer rights, racial justice, labor, and civil rights advocates. They instead supported a more effective alternative, the People’s Privacy Act (HB 1433), that puts people in control of their data and follows the guiding principles for strong data privacy legislation.  ACLU of Washington Technology and Liberty Project Manager Jennifer Lee had this reaction:

“For the past four years, Big Tech has tried to write its own permissive data privacy regulations into Washington law and each year privacy, consumer rights, racial justice, labor, and civil rights advocates have successfully fought back. Lawmakers have a strong alternative that gives people control over their own data: the People’s Privacy Act (HB 1433). For two years, advocates and community members have been requesting a hearing to show their support for HB 1433, and we are hopeful that the Legislature will grant them the opportunity to have a meaningful voice in the creation of Washington’s data privacy protections and our democratic process.”