ACLU-WA Development Team Values

We believe in CONNECTION, therefore we will

  • Celebrate our successes.
  • Encourage social time.
  • Value relationships.
  • Prioritize having fun together.
  • View everything as a team effort.

We believe in INNOVATION, therefore we will

  • Challenge our thinking (Preference, Tradition, Requirement).
  • Encourage risk taking.
  • De-stigmatize failures.
  • Learn from our mistakes.
  • Encourage creativity.
  • Invest time in learning.

We believe in EFFECTIVENESS, therefore we will

  • Work to be as efficient and productive as possible.
  • Use what we’ve learned from our mistakes to make smarter decisions.
  • Work to make the implicit explicit.
  • Work to minimize assumptions.
  • Over-communicate. (Does not mean TMI!)
  • Ensure everyone knows the department goals and their role in reaching them.
  • Make time to evaluate our initiatives.
  • Be unafraid to change course.

We believe in RESPECT, therefore we will

  • Be present with one another and we communicate if we need to be less present.
  • Be accountable to each other in order to get the job done.
  • Recognize that it takes the efforts of many – supporters and colleagues – in order to accomplish our goals, and we show our gratitude.

We believe in AUTHENTICITY, therefore we will

  • Talk about solutions when we share frustrations.
  • Treat each other, supporters, and colleagues as whole human beings - meeting people where they are, and practicing kindness.
  • Not expect any one person to have all the answers.
  • Have flexible expectations and find solutions together, when unexpected things happen. (Life happens.)
  • Not expect each other to compartmentalize our identities.

We believe in EQUITY, therefore we will

  • Use the race equity lens for all our major decisions.
  • Challenge our assumptions about how development work gets done by centering race equity.
  • Work to share our race equity learnings with our supporters, meeting them where they are, and inviting them to learn alongside us.