How much do you know about student rights? Take the quiz!

Can you be expelled for not following directions?  Can a kindergarten student be suspended or expelled?  Can police search student backpacks in school without a warrant?  Find out what you need to know to protect student rights in Washington’s public schools.  Take the quiz and download our free, updated student rights guide.

Question #1

True or false:  A school can expel a student for disobeying a teacher’s directions.

Question #2

True or false:  A student in kindergarten can be suspended.

Question #3

True or false:  Police can always search student’s backpacks without a warrant.
Learn more about student rights in Washington’s public schools.  Download our updated Student Rights Guide and Police in Schools Wallet Card.
Parents' Guide to Public School Discipline in Washington

School Discipline Guide

This pamphlet provides nuts-and-bolts advice for parents whose children are facing disciplinary proceedings at a public school. It is designed for those who intend to advocate for their children in meetings with administrators, hearing officers, and school boards.
Know Your Rights: Police In Schools

Know Your Rights: Police In Schools

Many schools have police officers stationed on campus. Other schools may call police to respond to particular situations. Even though you are in school, you still have rights when interacting with police.