How to Prevent Harassment and Bullying

Don’t Wait for a Problem to Arise, Take Affirmative Steps Now!

  • Provide comprehensive training for staff and students on issues of respect, diversity, and tolerance.
  • Demonstrate strong building leadership on the issue.
  • School leaders and staff must clearly and regularly communicate a strong and genuine commitment that every student in the school is treated with respect and dignity
  • Hold assemblies on the issue and incorporate the message into all school activities.
  • Promote a community-wide culture of respect and inclusion.
  • Provide supportive social environments for racial, ethnic, or sexual and gender minority students like Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) & Latina/o clubs
  • Involve students and the greater community in developing Anti-Harassment Action Plans. Preventing harassment and bullying should be part of any school improvement plan.
  • Conduct a School Climate Survey.
  • Ensure every building has a trained compliance officer.
  • Investigate and thoughtfully resolve every alleged incident.
  • Document, track, and report all incidents of alleged harassment and bullying.

Contact the ACLU-WA for help with best practices and advocating for these in your district.