Tech Equity Coalition

The Tech Equity Coalition (TEC) is a group of civil liberties and civil rights-focused organizations and individuals working to hold technology accountable and uplift the voices of historically marginalized communities in decisions about technology. The TEC is a group convened by the ACLU of Washington, and is comprised primarily of individuals representing communities historically targeted by surveillance.
The Coalition works to center community voices in technology and liberty issues. Coalition members testify in front of state and local legislators, provide public comment to city council members, host educational workshops, write letters, and engage in corporate advocacy.
Below are just a few highlights of the Coalition’s past and current work with the ACLU of Washington.


We are advocating for a people-centric data privacy bill guided by the leadership of historically marginalized communities.

  • Relevant materials coming soon (please check back regularly).

We defeated corporate-friendly data privacy bills that would have undermined people’s privacy rights in 2019 and 2020.  


We pushed forward face surveillance moratorium bills at the state level, achieving a unanimous vote in the House ITED committee in 2020.


We are mobilizing allies and the public to fight against the deployment of face surveillance technology at the Port of Seattle.  

We are engaging in the Seattle Surveillance Ordinance implementation process, and pushing for transparency and accountability over the use of surveillance technologies.

Technology & Liberty Webinars, Workshops, and Toolkits

  • We have worked with researchers and academics to collaborate on educational toolkits:
    • Algorithmic Equity Toolkit (AEKit) – A toolkit designed to identify surveillance and decision-making technologies used by governments; make sense of how these technologies work, and pose questions about their impacts, effectiveness, and oversight.
    • Watching the Watchers – Coveillance Toolkit – A toolkit consisting of exercises including mapping data stories, walking tour of surveillance infrastructure, and countersurveillance movements.
  • Flights and Rights Presentations
  • Joint webinars with allies and TEC members
    • Indivisible WA
    • Washington Fair Trade Coalition
    • Eastside for All


The Tech Equity Coalition (TEC) strives to center the leadership and input of communities historically impacted by technologies. If you or your organization would like to join our efforts, please don’t hesitate to reach out!
To learn more or get involved, please contact:

Tech Equity Coalition