Tell Olympia: We need a public health approach to end the War on Drugs

Don't let Washington continue the failed and racist War on Drugs.

SB 5536's criminal provisions are outdated, unfair, and ineffective. While federal health data consistently demonstrates that a significant percentage of people from all races and ethnicities use drugs, law enforcement and court data show that Black, Indigenous, and Latinx people are arrested and jailed at much higher rates. This racial disproportionality will only be exacerbated by SB 5536. Arrests, prosecution, incarceration, and coerced treatment models do not stop drug use or meaningfully prevent substance use disorder deaths.
We need your continued support. Sign in CON on SB 5536 and send a message to lawmakers that we need to replace criminal legal system responses to drug use with public health strategies that will substantively help those struggling with substance use disorder.
Sign in CON
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Washington lawmakers should reject the failed policies proposed in SB 5536 and invest in what we know works. Tell lawmakers that it is time for proven public health approaches by signing in CON on SB 5536 before Monday, March 20 at 12:30 p.m.