Attend a Legislative Town Hall

Many state lawmakers are hosting in-person town halls in their communities in February to hear from constituents and provide updates on what's happening in Olympia. You can find upcoming town halls on the People Power map here: Below are suggested questions to ask your lawmaker about some of the most critical bills being considered this session. Let us know how the event went by emailing us at

Protecting Patient Care Act – ESHB 1608
Question: Will you pledge to support ESHB 1608 to prevent health care facilities from interfering with the information doctors can share with their patients?

Talking points:
  • This bill is essential to protect the privacy of the patient-provider relationship and to ensure patients get the information and care they need.
  • Some state health care facilities are restricting the information doctors and nurses may provide patients, including those seeking end-of-life care and emergency reproductive services.
  • Restricting medical information creates barriers to informed decision-making and health care access – this is unjust and dangerous.
  • Trust between patients and providers is critical to a functioning health care system. Health care decisions should be made between patients and providers, free of health care facility administrators’ restrictions.
Repealing the Death Penalty – SB 5339
Question: Will you pledge to support SB 5339 to take the death penalty off Washington’s books?

Talking points:
  • In 2018, the Washington State Supreme Court unanimously ruled Washington’s death penalty law unconstitutional because it is imposed arbitrarily and in a racially biased manner.
  • This ruling, while powerful, leaves open the possibility that more time and resources will be wasted trying to “fix” a law that cannot be fixed.
  • The death penalty doesn’t deter crime, greatly increases criminal justice system costs, and delays justice for victims’ families.
  • Repealing this law and getting it off Washington’s books will provide clarity, making prosecutors’ jobs easier and promoting swift and certain justice.
Washington Privacy Act – 2SSB 6281
Question: Will you oppose SB 6281, the data privacy act, unless it is amended to include a moratorium on face surveillance and a private right of action so consumers can sue tech companies that violate their data privacy rights?

Talking points:
  • Washingtonians deserve data privacy regulations and consumer protections that are at least as meaningful as California and Europe’s, and this bill falls short. Washington, a global technology giant, should be setting the gold standard, not selling consumers short.
  • This bill allows facial recognition, an inaccurate and biased technology that hurts everyone, but especially people of color. We need a moratorium on further roll out of this technology until we’re confident the biases can be addressed.
  • This bill doesn’t allow consumers to sue tech companies if their rights are violated. We need to include a private right of action for individuals so that companies have a strong incentive to follow the rules.
  • This bill prevents counties and cities from enacting stronger privacy protections than what state law would provide.  State law should establish a floor, not a ceiling, for privacy and protections of Washingtonians’ personal data.