ACLU Activism: In a Town Near You

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The ACLU-WA is busy protecting your civil liberties and civil rights in the courts, the legislature, and city and county halls – and we’re in the community. We have over 25,000 members across the state, including nine county chapters and eight student clubs. Our volunteer-powered chapters and clubs provide a local ACLU-WA presence in counties outside of the Seattle metropolitan area and in schools across the state. Chapters and clubs serve as “the eyes and ears” of the ACLU throughout Washington.

ACLU-WA chapters and clubs play a key role in promoting liberties through activism and public education. For example, our Pierce County Chapter was a pivotal player in establishing the City of Tacoma’s Citizen Review Panel (CRP), a policy-oriented board created to ensure transparency and accountability in the Tacoma Police Department. On June 2, the chapter will host a public forum with panel members of the CRP where the community can learn about CRP’s mission and role in the community. Our Whatcom County Chapter is working on a campaign to replace the death penalty with lifetime incarceration. And our ACLU-WA Gonzaga Law Club hosts lively debates on important civil liberties issues, like equality for LGBT families.

Want to be an ACLU activist? Find out if there is a chapter in your county or club at your school. And check the Events section of our website for information about any activities in your community.