A Right to Care

How hospital policies in Washington state delay and deny critical treatment for pregnant patients.
cover of modern day debtors' prisons report

Modern-Day Debtors’ Prisons

The ACLU of Washington and Columbia Legal Services issued a report examining the unfair burdens court-ordered debts impose on poor people in Washington. “Modern-Day Debtors’ Prisons: The Ways Court-Imposed Debts Punish People for Being Poor” exposes a counterproductive system and calls for reform.

Cover of Pasco Police practices report

Pasco Police Practices Report

In the wake of three shootings of civilians by police officers in Pasco, the ACLU issued a report examining police practices in the city with recommendations.

No Money, No Freedom: The Need for Bail Reform

No Money No Freedom

The ACLU-WA has issued a position paper examining the many harms of jailing of people in Washington before trial when they are unable to pay money bail, and recommending principles for reform.
Photo of the Spirit of Justice Statue

Sentenced to Death

The ACLU analyzed all reported capital cases in Washington to evaluate how well our state guarantees constitutional fairness in death penalty trials.
An image of the cover of Make Your Voice Heard: A Guide to the Washington Legislature

WA Legislature 101

Download our guide to how the legislature works and how you can make a difference as an activist.