Know Your Rights: Police In Schools

Know Your Rights: Police In Schools

Many schools have police officers stationed on campus. Other schools may call police to respond to particular situations. Even though you are in school, you still have rights when interacting with police.
Cover of document named starting an ACLU student club

Starting an ACLU Student Club

Want to learn how to start an ACLU student club? Download our information and instruction packet for more on how to get started.
Photo of a classroom

Teachers' Free Speech Rights

Public school teachers have free speech rights, but there are limitations, especially for K-12 teachers. Read our guide to learn more about your rights.

Student Tech Rights Guide

Student Tech Rights Guide

This booklet provides information about legal rights online and the limits to student rights regarding technology. 

Cover of gender equity in athletics guide

Gender Equity in Athletics

This guide is designed to help students, parents and guardians understand students’ rights concerning gender equity in athletics in Washington.

Cover of student rights guide

Student Rights Guide

This document summarizes the current laws governing students' life in Washington's public primary and secondary schools.
Parents' Guide to Public School Discipline in Washington

School Discipline Guide

This pamphlet provides nuts-and-bolts advice for parents whose children are facing disciplinary proceedings at a public school. It is designed for those who intend to advocate for their children in meetings with administrators, hearing officers, and school boards.
Cubierta de guia familiar de disciplina escolar

Disciplina Escolar

Información sobre los procesos de disciplina en las escuelas públicas de Washington.
An image of the cover of Make Your Voice Heard: A Guide to the Washington Legislature

WA Legislature 101

Download our guide to how the legislature works and how you can make a difference as an activist.