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Parents' Guide to School Board Advocacy in Washington

Thursday, March 1, 2007
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School board members make important decisions that aff ect children’s lives and education.

Under Washington law, children have a constitutionally guaranteed right to an education. Th ey also have many other rights when they are in school. School boards set policies and make decisions on a wide range of issues that impact your child’s rights, including what curricular and extra-curricular programs are available, how and when students are disciplined, and how the district’s funds are spent.

School administrators, including the principal and superintendent, can help you resolve many issues that come up at school. But only the school board can approve changes to district policies or approve funding for new programs. Although superintendents and other school administrators cannot change policies, they can often be your strongest allies in advocating before the board.

This pamphlet provides a brief description of how school boards function and then guides you through some simple steps to make your voice heard. It can also help you prepare to raise concerns.