5 Things You Can Do To Fight For Immigrant Families

Illustration of hands reaching for each other
It is cruel, inhumane, and unconstitutional to separate children from their parents. In an enormous victory for families, on June 26th a federal judge agreed with the ACLU and ordered the administration to reunite all children who have been taken from their parents at the border within 30 days. However, this crisis is not over until every last family is back together.
And still, Trump’s recent Executive Order calls for detention of immigrant families with children, regardless of whether they are asylum seekers, or pose a flight risk or a danger to the community. The new policy will likely to lead to more families in more detention facilities, creating internment camps for children and their parents.

Incarcerating families is not the solution to family separation. The ACLU and others will not stop fighting for these families and for all immigrants. Want to help? In addition to supporting the ACLU, here’s what you can do:​

1. Learn More

The Trump administration is using misinformation and outright lies to keep their inhumane policies in place. Learn more by reading the ACLU’s “Fact-Checking Family Separation.”

2. Show Up
  • Sign up for People Power to find out about actions you can take to fight family separation and learn about other critical civil liberties issues. You can find events in your area posted to the People Power map.

3. Speak Out  
4. Give Your Support

The ACLU of Texas has compiled a list of local organizations working to provide legal help, food and shelter, and bonds to families at the border.
Immigrant rights organizations here in Washington also need your support:
5. Volunteer Your Time

Find other volunteer opportunities in your area that match your skills: