Correct systemic harms: Sign in Pro on HB 2065

We need you again. Thanks to your activism, HB 2065 has moved out of the Senate Law & Justice Committee and now faces the Senate Ways & Means Committee. We are one step closer to making this bill a law. Take action today and tell lawmakers to keep moving this bill forward.

The system will not be reformed until every person receives a fair sentence regardless of when they were sentenced.

HB 2065 will build on legislation that was passed last year (EHB 1324) which stopped the practice of punishing people twice for crimes committed as children and make it retroactive. This means people who are serving excessively long sentences will have the opportunity for their sentences to be reviewed and potentially adjusted – an important step in promoting fairness and addressing the systemic harms created by past laws.

Sign in PRO on HB 2065 by 12:30 p.m. on Friday, February 23, and tell Washington lawmakers if a law is unjust going forward, it must also apply retroactively.


HB 2065 is an opportunity to align the criminal legal system with established modern brain science, promote fairness in sentencing, and advance racial justice.

Currently, an estimated 809 - 1,437 individuals remain incarcerated and serving overly long sentences because we have not extended the benefits of last year's reforms to everyone impacted.

The time is NOW to promote fairness and advance equity in sentencing. Please sign in PRO on HB 2065 by 12:30 p.m. on Friday, February 23.

*Instructions on how to show your support and sign in pro: Thanks for sticking with us,
ACLU of Washington