Protect health care access: Tell lawmakers it’s time to hold health systems accountable

We need your help again to assure that health entity consolidations do not restrict your access to accessible, affordable care.

Right now in Washington, these mergers happen frequently and with minimal accountability. Lacking oversight, these consolidations can lead to increased costs for patients, decreased quality of care, and restricted access to critical services, including reproductive, gender-affirming, and end-of-life care. This exacerbates systemic inequities and racial disparities and negatively impacts rural communities.

Washington deserves better. Transparency and oversight are needed. The Keep Our Care Act (ESB 5241) will provide accountability and ensure health entity consolidations improve rather than harm access to affordable quality care within a community.

Send a message to lawmakers to safeguard community access to quality affordable care.


All Washingtonians deserve access to care, regardless of their identity, zip code, or medical needs. Take action now and urge lawmakers to support the Keep Our Care Act.

Thanks for sticking with us this Legislative session,

ACLU of Washington