Tell House Appropriations by 4/1 at 8 a.m.: Stop the failed policies of the War on Drugs.

We need your help again. Stop the War on Drugs in Washington.

The criminal provisions proposed in E2SSB 5536 are outdated, unfair, and ineffective, and we need your activism once more to help stop them. Using police, prosecutors, and judges to address a public health matter repeats the mistakes of the past. The House Appropriations Committee should resist misdirecting law enforcement resources and pouring money into revolving jail doors. Politicians' attempts to look “tough on crime” by demonizing people with substance use disorders will have enormous costs in both public dollars and human lives.

We need your continued support to get our voices heard. Sign in con on E2SSB 5536 and send a message to lawmakers that criminalizing drug use will hurt, not help, those struggling with substance use disorder.


Sign in con
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Washington lawmakers should reject the failed policies proposed in E2SSB 5536 and invest in what we know works: legislation that recognizes substance use disorder is a public health issue and that provides the resources necessary to tackle the War on Drugs head on with proven, health-centered solutions. Tell lawmakers that it is time for proven public health approaches by signing in con on E2SSB 5536.