Tell the Senate: Restore retroactivity to EHB 1324.

We need your help again. Tell the Senate: Restore retroactivity to EHB 1324.

We've written to you before about a bill to stop the use of juvenile adjudications to automatically enhance future sentences in adult courts. This bill was amended — against the recommendation of advocates, experts, labor organizations, tribes, and directly impacted people — to remove retroactivity from the bill. That means that people already serving longer sentences because of juvenile adjudications will not benefit from this bill. We need your activism once more. Tell your Senator to support an amendment to restore retroactivity.

Washington can and should be a leader in cultivating a justice system that balances the need for accountability with the need for equity and second chances. But, without retroactivity, we will leave people behind.

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We need your continued support to get our voices heard. As a matter of fairness and racial justice, contact your Senator and tell them to support an amendment that will restore retroactivity back into the bill and pass EHB 1324.