Washington deserves stronger privacy protections than the Washington Privacy Act 2SSB 6281

Washingtonians deserve strong data privacy protections, not a tech company wish list that… What’s wrong with 2SSB 6281 How to fix the problem
Allows Facial Recognition Permits use of an inaccurate and biased technology that hurts everyone, but especially people of color. (Section 17) Stop use of facial recognition until biases can be addressed.
Prohibits Consumers from Suing Does not allow consumers to sue if their rights are violated. (Section 11) Add a right for individual consumers to take legal action.
Contains Loopholes Gives companies ways to overrule consumers who try to stop the use of their data. (Sections 4 and 10) Assure that consumers have the last word about what happens to their data.
Handcuffs Local Government Prevents counties and cities from enacting stronger privacy protections. (Section 14) Create a floor, not a ceiling for the protections that Washingtonians are entitled to.
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