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The fall of Roe has devastating and far-reaching impacts that land disproportionately on the people who have always faced systemic barriers to care — communities of color, the LGBTQIA2S+ community, undocumented immigrants, young people, those living in rural communities, people with disabilities, and people with low incomes. States like Washington that protect abortion access and gender affirming care will now play an even more critical role in providing care to people from states that ban and criminalize it. It is more important than ever that we unite to ensure abortion and gender-affirming care is not only legal in Washington state — but also accessible and affordable for everyone who needs it by breaking down barriers to care, expanding access, and protecting those seeking and providing care.

What We Can Do

  • Pass the Washington My Health, My Data Act this session. This bill prohibits the selling of health data, requires opt-in consent for the collecting and sharing of health data, prohibits geofencing for the purpose of sending messages or advertisements to places that provide health services, and requires companies to have strong privacy policies. Read more about the harms of data abuse after Roe here
  • Strengthen protections for abortion and gender affirming care providers, seekers and helpers. This includes protecting Washington providers’ licenses and access to malpractice insurance, prohibiting extradition for the provision of in-state abortion and gender-affirming care, and preventing the state from cooperating with out-of-state investigations.
  • Eliminate barriers to care in our state to ensure everyone in Washington and those coming from elsewhere have access to the health care they need. This includes eliminating out of pocket costs for abortion care, prohibiting health entity consolidations that diminish access to affordable care, and providing funding for uninsured and underinsured patients that are forced to travel to Washington state for an abortion. 
  • Share this email with friends and family and help spread the word about the importance of this issue and what Washington can do to better protect those seeking and providing care. 

  • WA state must protect access to abortion and gender affirming care, including for people from states that ban and criminalize it. #WAleg 
  • The fall of Roe makes protecting our data privacy more crucial than ever. Tell #WAleg, pass the My Health, My Data Act this session. 
  • Everyone deserves access to affordable, quality healthcare regardless of their identity, zip code, or medical needs. Support the #KeepOurCareAct #WAleg
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