Flights & Rights: Legislative Review

Tuesday, March 15, 2022 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Flights & Rights is our regularly scheduled community series featuring important civil rights issues and great beverages. 

Join us for a review of the 2022 Washington state legislative session, with special guests Yvette Maganya (Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates), Katrina Johnson (Washington Coalition for Police Accountability), and Brianna Auffray (CAIR). ACLU-WA speakers include Enoka Herat (Police Practices and Immigrant Rights Counsel), Jennifer Lee (Technology and Liberty Project Manager), and Leah Rutman (Health Care and Liberty Counsel). Moderated by ACLU-WA Legislative Director Eric González Alfaro. Learn about next steps for advocates and the community.

One of the best parts of Flights & Rights? Connecting with our community – and this includes food and beverage partners across the state! Without them, there would be no Flights with our Rights! Special thanks to Caffe Vita in the KEXP Gathering Space in Seattle, Union Coffee & Wine in Seattle's Central District, Bale Breaker Brewery & Yonder Cider Taproom in Ballard, and Boots Bakery in Spokane.

References mentioned during the event:
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See the scale and severity of Native land loss
ACLU-WA 2022 Legislative Session
Peace Officer Accountability Act (HB 1202)
Ending Prolonged Solitary Confinement (HB 1756)
Police killings are down 62% in 2021
Keep Our Care Act (1809)
Northwest Abortion Access Fund
Immigrant Healthcare Coverage
People’s Privacy Act (HB 1433)
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