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The Washington Supreme Court ruled that the state's Equal Access to Justice Act allows the awarding of attorney fees at each level of judicial review.

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Solis Diaz’s PRP argues that his extensive term-of-years sentence is the functional equivalent of a juvenile life without parole (JLWOP) sentence, and is therefore unconstitutional under the U.S. and Washington State Constitutions.

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In June 2012, the United States Supreme Court struck down mandatory life without possibility of parole sentences when imposed on individuals convicted of committing murder while under age 18 (referred to herein as JLWOP sentences). 
We argue that requirement of this specific form of analysis, when a State Constitutional right to privacy is asserted and claims have been supported, poses a substantial risk to privacy protections in Washington State
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Amicus brief addressing the discriminatory use of preemptory challenges to strike the only or last remaining member of a cognizable racial group in jury trials resulting in the race-based discrimination that remains pervasive in the criminal legal system.