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People Power in Washington

People Power is the ACLU’s network of activists opposing Trump’s attacks on freedom and justice for all in their communities. Through People Power, the ACLU informs and engages local activists, members, and supporters to advance fairness in each and every corner of this country. People Power activists across the nation are taking direct action to defend our basic freedoms, drive positive change, and hold leaders accountable. Lawyers can’t make the kind of change we need alone, People Power – that’s you – brings a powerful voice to the key debates facing their local communities and our nation.
There are nearly 12,000 People Power activists all across Washington state. Through People Power’s first effort to create “Freedom Cities” in opposition to Trump’s cruel attacks on immigrants and refugees, activists in Washington:
  • Met with sheriffs, police chiefs and other elected officials
  • Advocated for transparency through Public Records Requests
  • Testified in support of “Sanctuary” policies at city council meetings
  • Called their representatives to fight for DACA, Surveillance Ordinance,
  • Changed policy! For example, ICE officials now have to wear shirts identifying them as “ICE” when entering the Northwest Detention Center.
  • Showed up at numerous rallies supporting immigrant rights across the State